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BMW Summer -22, Vuokatti

14.07.2022 - 17.07.2022

Kesätapahtuma BMW  Summer 22

Ajankohta ja paikka 14-17.7.202 Vuokatti Sport Resort (Opistontie 4, 88610 Vuokatti)

Hello everyone !! 👏😀

As before, and no matter how the world changes, one is and will remain; BMW Summer 22 !!

This summer, from 14 to 17 July 2022, the event will be held in Vuokatti, in the beautiful scenery of Kainuu. There is plenty of accommodation in Vuokatti to suit every budget, but the master host has reserved a quota at Vuokatti Sport Resort, from which you can book your choice of different accommodation options. You can see the prices and options in the pictures below. The quotas with prices are valid until 15.6 22, when they will be exhausted.

The program of the event itself will be completed during the spring, and those who register will receive information by e-mail!

So, now it’s time to make a summer riding plans and head out Kainuu and Vuokatti! And meet again old friends!!


Kari Savolainen

BMW Motorcycle Club Finland


  1. When making reservation for accommodation, please mention the code BMW Summer22. Reservations to phone # +358 8 6191500. (send your details, how many coming, and when, to me or Ari Ignatius) or


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